I was born in the Netherlands to two adventurous world travelers.  This made for some fun: I lived in 3 different continents before the age of 2, learned to speak Dutch as I was learning English, while living in Malaysia discovered that Asian dragons freak me out, and stepped foot in a developing country for the first time at 8 years old.  The travelers decided to settle down right outside of Los Angeles when my brother came along, creating a blessed Golden State, West Coast childhood. 

Life remained adventurous when we moved across the country to Florida: I traveled to Haiti as much as possible to the orphanage my mom founded and my sister had lived.  It was a consuming passion and focus of mine, working in Haiti.  This wasn't the only one, however.  The Lord allowed me to shepherd and grow our church's worship ministry as a worship leader, as well as lead worship for other churches in the area for six years.  I had my first book published when I was 16 years-old; and I graduated high school with a college degree.  I have a Bachelors in Journalism and am pursuing a Masters in Graphic Design.  All of these experiences -- frequent traveling, time in Haiti, leadership skills, cultivated confidence, creativity, and education -- God has all used through calling me to co-found Trades of Hope.

Today, in many ways I'm still the silly little English/Dutch-speaking girl chasing adventure, pretty places, and meaningful purposes.  I'm a creative designer (graphic/fashion/interior), photographer, and free-spirited soprano who just wants to extend Jesus' grace, experience new cultures, and eat a really good strawberry Nutella crepe every once in a while.

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