Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find what you are looking for here please e-mail us at: customerservice@tradesofhope.com

TOH=Trades of Hope

CE = Compassionate entrepreneur


Q. Are there any requirements for being a CE?

A. You must be 18 years or older and a US citizen or permanent resident that resides in the 50 states, with a valid Social Security Number or Green Card. You will also need access to a computer and a US credit card or debit card.

Q. When recruiting, are only women allowed to become CEs?

A. Anyone 18 years or older and a US citizen can become a CE.

Q. How old does someone need to be to sign up as a CE?

A. 18 years old.

Q. Do you have to be a Christian to be part of Trades of Hope?

A. Although the founders of TOH are Christians, we know that not all of our CE’s, artisans or customers are of the Christian faith and we welcome everyone! We believe that Jesus calls us to show his love to everyone no matter their faith, gender, nationality, race and orientation. He calls us to love above all else. We believe everyone is made in the image of God and has great value to God even if they don't believe in him. Jesus also tells us to help the orphan and the widow. He never says only the Christian orphan and widow so that is what we do, LOVE!

Q. Can US citizen military spouses sign up to be a CE with an APO or DPO address?

A. Yes they can. A CE who resides at an APO/DPO address can only sell to those who have APO/DPO addresses or US addresses. International orders will not be accepted.

Q. Are there any monthly or quarterly sales requirement's to be a Compassionate Entrepreneur?

A. As a CE, you must actively sell Trades of Hope products and have a minimum of one commissionable order of any value within the last 6 consecutive months to be a Compassionate Entrepreneur. As a CE, if you have $0 in commissionable sales within a 6 consecutive month period, you will be deactivated.

Q. Are there any monthly requirements to earn a success-line and be part of the career track? Why?

A. There is a $300 monthly personal retail volume sales (PRV) requirement if you choose to enter the career track and collect your success-line. This is to ensure that you are able to train your team in personal sales and are not building a career just on sponsoring.

If you do not produce a minimum of $300 PRV for at least one month in a six consecutive month period, your success-line will roll-up as per our policy on Roll-Ups. Your personal account is not affected by this compression.

Compassion Kits

Q: What shipping method is used to send starter kits and about how long do they take to arrive?

A. Kits are sent by USPS within 3 business days of the order being placed and should arrive within 2 weeks

Q. How much is a TOH Compassion Kit?

A. The TOH kit is $99. The kit contain products from women all over the world, catalogs, customer receipts, invitations, cue cards, thank you post cards, and everything you will need to start your successful TOH business. You can add to your kit with additional products as you go.


Q. Are you a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)?

A. Trades of Hope is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Q. Are you part of any organizations that uphold and affirm your fair trade status?

A. Trades of Hope is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. As members of the Fair Trade Federation, Trades of Hope fully commits to following the fair trade principles created by the Fair Trade Federation and participating in accountability and partnership with them. To learn more about the Fair Trade Principles and the Fair Trade Federation, click here.

Q. What is your Return Policy?

A. 30 Day Policy-If you are not completely satisfied with your Trades of Hope product, you may request to exchange any item or receive a refund (less the cost of shipping & handling) within 30 days of purchase. Your exchange or refund will be processed upon receipt of your returned item at the Trades of Hope Home Office. Original receipt must be included. Please notify your Compassionate Entrepreneur to request a exchange or a refund.
90 Day Policy-Products received damaged in transit or any item with product quality concerns due to defect may be replaced with the same item within 90 days of purchase. Replacement products ship free. This warranty does not cover products damaged through normal wear, accident or misuse. Please contact your Compassionate Entrepreneur to request a replacement.

Q. How much do I make as a Compassionate Entrepreneur?

A. A Compassionate Entrepreneur has an unlimited income potential and is defined by the individual herself by the time and effort invested in her business. She earns first by selling products to others which will earn her from 25 -33% of the her personal retail volume. Additional income can be earned by building and developing a team of Compassionate Entrepreneurs. Commissions earned from building her success line range from 1 – 7% of the wholesale volumes of the sales generated by the team.

Q. Can I sell online or is it limited to parties?

A. Yes, you can sell online. Trades of Hope offers an extensive back office and a personal replicated site. With this site, you will create your own URL when you sign up. When you send customers to this URL, anything they purchase through it will be credited to you!

Q. How much is the personal replicated website and Hope Marketing Portal?

A. These two services are FREE for your first 30 days. After 30 days, you will be charged $13.95 a month to maintain your website and your Hope Marketing Portal. This monthly charge includes access to your personal website and a unique portal that allows you to send a once a month company made newsletter to all of your customers and is proven to increase your sales 2-4x! Your commissions can also be used to pay for your $13.95 charge.

Q. Do I have to purchase the replicated website?

A. We highly encourage the personal replicated website as a tool to increase sales and promote your business, but it is not a requirement.

Q. What happens if I do not earn PRV within 6 months to remain a CE or the $300 PRV on the career track?

A. If you do not earn PRV within 6 consecutive months, your account will be deactivated. If you do not meet the $300 PRV on the career track, you will not lose your title, but you will move to the appropriate place for your pay rank. You can move back into the higher pay rank in the next month if you meet the requirements.

Q. Can I host my first party rather than letting another CE host it?

A. Yes, if you have purchased your Compassion Kit, you can host your first party. If you have not purchased your kit, you will need to have a CE host your party. We do recommend, if possible, attending a TOH party at least once before hosting your own. If you are not able to attend a party please be sure to watch the “sample party” in the training area.

Q. Can someone sign up without ordering a kit?

A. No, you must order a kit to become a Compassionate Entrepreneur.

Q. I think your service is amazing but I live in Canada and would like to become a Compassionate Entrepreneur. Is there a way this can happen or do you have an affiliate organization here?

A. Currently, we do not sell in Canada.

Q. I have a friend who owns a retail store and was wondering if they could carry the TOH products or do they need to be an entrepreneur?

A. They need to be a compassionate entrepreneurs. Once signing on, they can display 1-3 of each product in their store, but they do need to purchase a kit as any orders they take must be placed through the Trades of Hope CE back office. Orders cannot be taken through the store's point of sale process. A CE's limit of product to purchase with her discount is 3, so she could display 1 items and sell 2 for cash and carry. No more than that can be carried. Keep in mind that hostess rewards cannot be collected off of cash and carry items sold.

Trades of Hope does not offer their products to be purchased wholesale and sold in any retail stores or online venues by those that are not compassionate entrepreneurs.

Q. Can I advertise online?

A. Yes. We offer personalized replicated websites that easily connect to social media. No other websites are permitted.

Q. Can I sell on eBay?

A. No, TOH does not allow our products to be sold on eBay.

Q. Can I sell at fairs and events?

A. Yes! TOH CE’s are allowed to sell at local events and expos. You can elect to purchase inventory to resell at the event or take orders that will be shipped directly to your customer. The policy is that we only allow one CE per event unless they are doing it together. The first to register and pay for the event may sell there.

Q. How much of the money do the women who made the product earn?

A. They receive 3 to 6 times what they would normally make in their natural environment. The Fair Trade groups and ministries that are helping them get their product to market follow guidelines of checks and balances to give back, not just to the artisan, but to their community. So a portion of the money also goes to their community for things like wells, children’s schools, education for adults, land, homes and other things to better their lives. It is life changing. Fair Trade is about providing a living wage for those in extreme poverty and giving them a chance for a better life. To understand more about Fair Trade go to www.fairtradefederation.org. This is important information to know and understand so your customers understand the bigger picture of what you are doing through Trades of Hope.

Q. How do you find your artisans?

A. To find artisans, we go through many different ministry connections and fair trade groups.

Q. If I have an artisan suggestion, whom should I send it to and will you use them?

A. Trades of Hope asks all artisan groups to contact us directly by filling out an application. This application is here. If you know of a group, please have the head of this group contact us with this application, preferably someone who is on the ground in that country. We love to help or give advice to new groups starting up as well, but they must email us directly.

Q. Some of my products have a tag saying "Made in India." Are these products even hand-made?

A. Some countries require a tag on their products to be able to leave the country, even if they are hand made.
All of our products are made by individual artisans. When able, they do purchase tools and sewing machines to create the best possible product. Some products have been sewn on sewing machines, looms, and equipment that our artisans are so proud to have saved enough money to buy. We have also been able to donate tools and sewing machines through Gifts of Hope to help them build their businesses and be competitive in today's market and break the cycle of poverty for generations.

Q. What is Gifts of Hope?

A. Not only do we help women out of poverty by buying their handcrafts and selling them through home parties, but we also take a portion of our sales and put it towards helping women create sustainable businesses or ministries that are helping the surrounding communities. In the past, we have purchased chickens, roosters, goats, sewing machines, tools, and more in hopes to empower women and raise up strong communities. Giving women in Africa things like chickens and goats allows them to feed their families all year by eating the eggs and drinking the milk. Also, they will have a sustainable business by selling the eggs and milk in their community, too! We have purchased sewing machines and tools to help them have a sustainable sewing business to help their families and their communities benefit, too. We have also donated to end sex trafficking to help women out of the sex industry. As we grow, more and more money will be able to go towards Gifts of Hope from the parties! We are so excited about this opportunity.


Q. When I sign on, who will be my sponsor?

A. Trades of Hope will ask you how you heard about us. If it was through a CE, she will become your sponsor. If you did not hear about us through a CE, Trades of Hope reserves the right to place you at their discretion.with a Compassionate Entrepreneur who has invested with Trades of Hope and will be able to train you.


Q. How is commission paid?

A. If you are a CE, TOH will pay your commissions monthly through your E-wallet, which is located in your back office.

Q. How long does it take for orders to be delivered?

A. Orders are submitted immediately to our Distribution Center and are processed within 1 to 3 business days. You will receive your product within 7-14 business days.

Q. How much is shipping and where do you ship?

A. Shipping is currently $5.95 per customer order, and we also offer priority shipping for $12.95. Shipping for all kits is $19.95. We direct ship to the customer. We ship to APO (Army Post Office) addresses, DPO (Embassy) addresses and the 50 United States. We currently do not ship to Puerto Rico or Guam.

Q. What type of parties does Trades of Hope offer?

A. We offer E-Parties/Online Parties and Home Parties.

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