I am a wife to Frits, my hard-working, funny, very Dutch husband; and mother of three: Elisabeth , Harrison, and Mia.  I enjoy our life in warm Florida together, but have also enjoyed our families adventures to places such as Vietnam, Spain, Ireland, France, England, and our family in the Netherlands.

As fun and special as those adventures where, our traveling has led us to humbling, eye-opening experiences as well.

About thirteen years ago I traveled to Haiti for the first time.  Not knowing what I would find, I was taken back by the intense poverty.  I knew that I could not continue life as I had before.  I knew that I had to do something about the deviation I saw around me.  Not long after, we co-founded a non-profit organization in Haiti -- including an orphanage, school, and medical clinic.  For eight years I ran the organization as its president, but after the earthquake in 2010, I felt God press a new approach to poverty on my heart.  I believed that sustainable business was the long term solution to poverty.

The belief drove me to founding Trades of Hope.