I am a homeschooling mother of five and I have been happily married for over 20 years.  I've been a business owner for 19 years, but in 2005 God allowed our family's business to burn to the ground. It was a pivotal point that changed our lives forever!

We had lived the American dream for so many years that we took it for granted. Suddenly we saw our future go up in smoke. That was the biggest blessing that could have ever happened to us. All those years we were living the American dream, half of the world was in deep poverty, many making less than $2 a day. The fire changed our perspective and instead of wanting to live the American dream we began to live out God's dream for our life. 

We moved to Palm Coast, Florida and started Lifecoast Church. God has blessed Lifecoast and I serve on their staff. I do public speaking about living a life of purpose and leaving a legacy. Hear it @ Lifecoastchurch.com under Holly's Blog.

In 2009 at 41, I had a heart attack and we were unable to pay the medical bills. This opened my eyes further still to the struggle of most people around the world with no access to medical care. I began to feel called, not only to make a spiritual impact in the world, but to use my gifts in both ministry and business to physically be able to help those in need here in America and around the globe.  

God has awakened in my heart a deep desire to help hurting women get the basic things needed to provide for their families. Things like food, shelter, education and medical help. My greatest joy has been partnering with my daughter Chelsie, to teach her that no matter what age, we as women can change the world and that the only dream worth living is the dream God has for us!