About India

  • As one of the leading countries with the highest population, India faces many challenges as it strives to emerge as a global power.
  • Significant overcrowding has left its country with a population rampant with poverty, inadequate health care, insufficient educational institutions, an oppressive caste-system, and gender discrimination.
  • Women’s educations are often neglected and many work in sweatshops for 12-15 hours a day.

What We're Doing

Trades of Hope is so excited to partner with multiple groups all over India, groups that are committed to empowering women with a fair wage and a voice. Women are given the chance to work from home while they take care of their families. Not only do these groups provide their artisans education for their children, but many also receive health care and financial assistance.

These groups are also committed to providing hope for those facing extreme discrimination as a result of their caste-system. Those experiencing excommunication from their communities due to leprosy are given dignity and hope. They receive healthcare and a way to support themselves in a positive environment. These artisan groups offer the gift of sustainable business that not only affects one person, but also whole communities for generations to come!