About Uganda

  • Uganda is located in eastern central Africa and is a beautiful country that faces incredible challenges.
  • Extreme poverty has hindered the government’s ability to stop  the devastating effects of the AIDS epidemic on the people of Uganda.
  • In a small country with the third highest birth rate in the world, Ugandans struggle to provide for their families.

What We're Doing

Trades of Hope partners with different rural artisan groups in Uganda to help end this cycle of poverty. Many of these women have faced disabilities, AIDS, and oppression. Through their work as artisans, these women have had a chance to be creative, speak their minds, and also earn a living to provide food, education, and medical care for their families. Working in safe environments, completing projects in beading circles, these ladies have left their harmful occupations and are rising above as leaders in their communities.

We are honored to also work with an artisan group founded by Katie Davis (author of best-seller Kisses from Katie). More info below!

Trades of Hope is excited to be working with a group in Uganda that feeds, educates, and encourages orphaned and vulnerable children and families in Uganda. Founded in 2008 by then 19-year-old Katie Davis (Kisses from Katie), they spread the truth of God's love and empower the Ugandan people through education sponsorship, community outreach, vocational projects, and discipleship programs.

Mothers in their beading circle craft beautiful, handmade necklaces and are empowered to turn away from harmful work to provide for their families. Katie Davis goes to the slum community of Masese once a week to meet with these women, build relationships, lead them in a Bible study, purchase their necklaces, and assist in giving them money management training. More than 30 women are now able to feed their families, send their children to school, purchase plots of land, and build homes. Money received from the sale of these necklaces also funds a feeding program in Masese that serves over 1200 children Monday through Friday.

This self-sustaining vocational program gives hope and a future for families in Uganda, and the women are proud their hard work is making a difference in their community.

Meet Ms. Florence, one of our inspiring artisans:

Watch this message from Katie Davis to Trades of Hope: