About Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh is located in southern Asia between India and Burma and bordering the Bay of Bengal.
  • With more than 160 million citizens.
  • Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries and one of the poorest, with nearly half the population surviving on less than one dollar a day.
  • Poverty affects so many, and lifestyles of prostitution and unhealthy lifestyles are common.

What We're Doing

Trades of Hope is honored to partner with groups from Bangladesh to help sell their beautiful products for a fair wage. Because of these sales, women are able to break free from their previous lifestyle in the sex trade. Some of these women are neglected and shunned because they are widowed, divorced and single and now they no longer have to search for work and are able to provide for themselves. These women living in rural areas are also given the opportunity to receive job training, creation and leadership skills as well. Creating these products has given these women a chance to stay at home with their children while earning an income. They are truly businesswomen and international designers!