About Thailand

  • The population of Thailand is approximately 67.5 million people making it the 20th most populous country on earth.
  • Centuries ago, many people migrated to south Thailand due to political unrest. Because of this, many indigenous peoples live now in the northern parts of the country, in rural villages where there is no work.
  • Prostitution is a pressing social problem. Approximately 200,000 to 500,000 prostitutes, usually from poor, rural areas, are forced to sell their bodies to help their families survive.
  • Education and employment opportunities for women are limited, and many women and children lack adequate health care.

What We're Doing

Trades of Hope is excited to be partnering with a group of artisans that focuses on restoring and empowering the strength of women in Thailand, as artists and designers. This group is proud to work with a beautiful array of diversity, from the Karen Hill tribe, to the Thai people, to the Hmong women in the mountains. One group of people they partner with is a group of women in a small town hours from a nearby city. The only viable job opportunity in the town is typically farming. Farming is hard on the women, and so many women end up moving to the cities to find work and send money home. This unfortunately creates a separating of the mother from her children and family. We are so proud that this group is dedicated to helping mothers stay in their hometown and find working, giving them the ability to stay with their families and take care of their children.

Also through this partnership, this group supports the Agape Home that helps hundreds of foster children in Thailand affected with HIV/Aids. Many of the children who come to the Agape Home to live are at risk of being HIV positive and many of them have already lost their parents to AIDS. By purchasing the products, you are giving the gift of sustainable business that not only affects one person, but also whole communities for generations to come!