Our ethically made pieces are made by women around the world who are overcoming difficult situations. At Trades of Hope, we believe that each woman is an artist and entrepreneur. Through sustainable business, our artisans are able to provide for their children, escape sexual exploitation, create hopeful futures for themselves and much more. They take pride in their work and are beautiful pillars of strength for their families, friends and their communities.


Acid attack Survivor - Cambodia

“I am gradually trying to rebuild my life and to make a future for myself... I am starting this small business to make goods by hand so that other women in my condition... can have the chance to earn their own living in safety and some measure of self-respect.”

Ms. Florence

War Refugee - Uganda

“I’m doing a business, and I really feel so happy about it because it is income generating. So, it’s really something which makes me become so free... It’s my own money. I am happy doing my work. My children are studying out of this. I really feel I am a great woman in this nation.”


Providing for family - Haiti

“Working in an artisan group has helped me see my capacity and the capacity of others. It makes me proud because people can see good things about my country. I am more independent economically, and I can help others do the same.”

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