Our ethically made pieces are made by women around the world who are overcoming difficult situations. At Trades of Hope, we believe that each woman is an artist and entrepreneur. Through sustainable business, our artisans are able to provide for their children, escape sexual exploitation, create hopeful futures for themselves and much more. They take pride in their work and are beautiful pillars of strength for their families, friends and their communities.

Trades of Hope has not only made a way for women in desperate situations to provide for their family, but they have raised awareness and opened my eyes. Driving to my office with my new Trades of Hope scarf on, the only thing I could think of was the women and girls who made the scarf. How they were healing from the pain of sex slavery and struggling to make it. At that moment, not only was I completely humbled, but I was also overwhelmingly grateful".

- Jennifer Whaley, Trades of Hope customer