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Mosaic Clutch


Mosaic Clutch

Product Details:
This clutch has a wristlet. It is lined and has card pockets and a zipper closure. Colors and patterns vary widely. Made in Guatemala from upcycled traditional blouse fabric called Huipil, with each pattern symbolizing the village from which the woman came.

Approx. Measurements: 6"x9" and 6 1/2" Wristlet
Material: Upcycled traditional Huipil fabric, Genuine leather
*Each clutch is as unique as the artisan who made it.

Artisan Information:
In Guatemala, women struggle through abuse, poverty, and heartache. But these women are now becoming proud business owners! By utilizing their traditional skills, they are able to create beautiful products that reflect their culture. They can provide for their families at home rather than leaving in search of work and can also send their children to school to pursue their dreams. This is because people like you purchase their work!

A Video From Our Artisans:

Purchase this piece and empower a woman in Guatemala!

Every product has variations as a part of the artisan-made charm!

[ BGMF507 ]

$ 32.00


Customer Reviews

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Ruth from Iowa

A birthday gift for my sister in her favorite colors: purple and orange. I think this thick, well made clutch will last her longer than her little cotton purse she now carries. Thank you for making someone's birthday special with your beautiful craftsmanship!

Posted On Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Alexandra from Kansas USA

Love this clutch
The color is vibrant and the craftsmanship is quality! And I love knowing that I'm helping

Posted On Saturday, June 11, 2016
Belinda  from Prairieville, LA

Great Clutch
I love my clutch. I began carrying it within a day of receiving it. I love the rich colors, the beautiful textures, and the well- made quality of the clutch. I can put all of my essentials in this handbag and go to the store, and keep it on my wrist. It will make a great handbag for vacation to carry out & about instead of a heavy handbag, or a great gift for someone.

Posted On Saturday, April 9, 2016
Belinda  from Prairieville, LA

Great Clutch
I began carrying my clutch within a day of receiving it. I love that I can put my essentials in it and go to the store. Essentials are: drivers license, bank cards, insurance cards, tablet, tissues, pens, & coupons. It's a great all around clutch. I love the texture & well-made quality of the bag and the rich colors.

Posted On Saturday, April 9, 2016
Kelleigh from United States

Best clutch EVER!
This clutch is my favorite piece from Trades of Hope. The day I received it, I put all my essentials in it. Three months later, I am still using it EVERY day! I like the varied colors and patterns and LOVE the story behind it. I like how it easily fits all I need everyday, and if I happen to need a bigger bag, like the Dasah tote, I just toss this clutch in the bigger bag!

Posted On Thursday, December 3, 2015