Elisabeth Necklace


Elisabeth Necklace

Product Details:
Co-Founder Elisabeth has dedicated her career to promoting dignified partnerships and sustainable work for women and their families around the world. The three beads in gold, rose gold, and silver represent her foundational belief that our diversity is what makes us beautiful and our wellbeing is found in the wellbeing of others, even those who are different than us. Sterling silver chain.

Approx. Measurements: 18" - 20"
Material: Sterling silver chain and plated charms
Color: Silver, gold, and rose gold

Artisan Information:
Creating these handmade products goes beyond helping women escape poverty by providing job training so they can become self-reliant and independent. In addition to the sustainable business that comes from crafting products, these artisans are receiving welfare programs, financial management classes, education and healthcare. These artisans are now able to provide for their families a healthy and promising future.

Purchase this piece and empower a woman in India

Every product has variations as a part of the artisan-made charm!

[ JNAS767 ]

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