Cottontail Cottage


Cottontail Cottage

Product Details:
This soft cotton cottage carries a bunny family of four, each holding a removable velcro carrot. Ten percent of the net proceeds of the cottontail cottage provides birthday boxes to foster children in the U.S.

Approx. Measurements: House: 10" x 11" , Large bunnies (2) 10.5", Small bunnies (2) 8", Bed 6"x5", and Pillow 2.5" x 3"
Material: Cotton and polyfiber
Color: Green, blue, white, pink, and orange
*Recommended for ages 3 and up. Product comes with small parts.

Artisan Information:
In a developing society like India it can be unimaginably difficult to secure a living especially for the disadvantaged. This artisan group is determined to help the widowed, the abused, the poor, and the handicapped. Providing much more than merely sustainable income to give regular meals for their families, they are providing education, job training, and are actively fighting for women’s rights. The community established through this group has provided a haven in which all women, despite their past, have a welcoming community where they are supported while also gaining the self confidence through becoming self sufficient.

Purchase this piece and empower a woman in India

Every product has variations as a part of the artisan-made charm!

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