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Batwa Basket Set


Batwa Basket Set

Product Details:
These beautiful nesting baskets are handcrafted in Uganda by women using local materials. The process begins with collecting tall grasses and tree bark, which are then naturally dyed to create a rich black color. Gathering together within their community, these women weave the materials into stunningly intricate designs just as their ancestors have done for centuries. 
While these baskets traditionally would have been used for food storage, they can now serve as a decorative reminder of the Batwa Tribe. Whether adorning a side table or used as decorative storage, this basket set will surely make a beautiful display of Ugandan craftsmanship.  " 

Approx. Measurements: Large: 6 1/2" height, 5" diameter, Small: 4 1/2" height, 3 1/2" diameter
Materials: Dried grass, Bark, Natural plant dyes
Color: Black/Grey, Tan

Artisan Information:
The Batwa are a tribe from Uganda who were forced out of their native land as conservation refugees in an effort to protect the mountain gorillas for tourism purposes. Moving into neighboring communities, they have been left in poverty and enduring tremendous discrimination from locals. Women and children are denied education and medical attention. This contributes to the Batwa children having the highest mortality rate in all of Uganda. Despite their enduring loss and displacement, this tribe has found new hope earning income through creating beautiful products using their traditional handicrafts. Through this partnership, not only do the Batwa people have an opportunity to purchase their own land, but now have access to medical care, vocational training, education, counseling, and orphan care. Your purchase will offer restoration to the Batwa and change for generations to come!

See How It's Made:

Purchase this piece and empower a woman in Uganda!

Every product has variations as a part of the artisan-made charm!

[ HDHM1121 ]

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